Meet Jacob Y.

Jacob Y. is the Founder of Oregon Serious Injury Law Firm, and he serves as the firm’s Principal Attorney. As an Personal Injury attorney focusing on car accidents, motorcycle accidents, bicycle accidents, and more, it is Jacob's goal to shield his clients' interests.

Jacob Y.

Founder and Principal Attorney


Jacob Y. is a highly skilled and experienced attorney who has been practicing law. He is passionate about helping his clients achieve the best possible outcome for their legal matters, and he has a proven track record of success in a wide range of practice areas.

Education and Credentials

Jacob Y. graduated from The Sandra Day O'Connor College of Law with honors, earning his Juris Doctor degree in 2020. My law school was in the top 10 percent of law schools.

Practice Areas

Jacob Y. has extensive experience in a wide range of practice areas, including:

In each of these areas, he has a deep understanding of the law and a commitment to providing his clients with the highest level of legal representation.

Personal Interests

When he is not practicing law or volunteering in his community, Jacob Y. enjoys swimming, gardening and reading books. He believes that a healthy work-life balance is essential to his success as an attorney, and he/she is committed to taking time to pursue his personal interests and spend time with his loved ones.

If you are in need of skilled legal representation, contact Jacob Y. today to schedule a consultation. He is dedicated to helping his clients achieve their legal goals and is committed to providing the highest level of legal representation.